Welcome to the 2021 Ladder

What is a ladder competition? Players, either individuals (singles) or teams (doubles), are represented as rungs on a ladder. Players can challenge each other to advance up the ladder (for a win) or descend the ladder (for a loss). The goal is to get to the top of the ladder, have fun, and perhaps meet new people. Full rules listed below. As in previous years, we will award prizes to the most active participants. 

There are two ways to sign up for the Ladder:

1. Sign up in person at the club with our sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. 

2. Click the link below to enter your information in our online form. 

Ladder Sign-up

the Ladder Rules:

1. You may challenge a maximum of three positions higher in the ladder. The challenger is responsible for communicating their challenge to the other individual or team, reserving the court, and providing the balls.  

2. If the challenger wins, they will take the position on the ladder of the defeated individual or team. The defeated individual or team moves down one position on the ladder. If the challenger loses, no harm done and the positions remains the same. 

3. All challenges shall be scheduled within one week, otherwise the challenge is ruled unsuccessful. The unresponsive individual or team will descend one spot on the ladder. A person or team need not accept more than one challenge per week.

4.  The winner shall report the results of the match, including the scores, in the space provided in YourCourts under the Ladder feature. 

5. A match shall consist of 2 out of 3 sets with tie breakers at 6 – 6. If a match cannot be completed because of court time or weather restraints, the players shall schedule a mutually convenient time within one week to complete the match.

6. Any player or team on the Ladder from position 5 and higher who shall not have played a ladder match either as challenger or challenged within each three-week period designated by the Ladder Chairperson shall forfeit one position on the ladder. The other ladder positions will be adjusted accordingly.

7. Any and all disagreements or questions regarding Ladder standings or play may be directed to the Ladder Chairperson, Pam Clapp who shall have full and final discretion to resolve any such disagreements or questions

How to challenge and submit scores in Yourcourts:

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