Welcome to the 2022 Ladder

What is a Challenge Ladder? For those who don't already know, individual players (singles) or teams (doubles) are ranked by playing matches to either advance up the ladder (with a win) or descend the ladder (with a loss). The goal is to get as high as possible on the ladder, to have fun, and to meet other members.

New this year, we are using a program called ClubLadder to power and motivate our ladder players and teams. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive player, ClubLadder is a fun and fast way to meet new tennis players at your level.

How ClubLadder Works: 

  • At the start of each ladder round (every two weeks), ClubLadder will email you with your assigned opponents to challenge to a match. 
  • Matches are determined based on your current ranking and the system's predictions. 
  • You can choose how many matches you wish to play per round, from just one to several. 
  • You and your opponents just have to schedule a day and time to play the match, with the winner entering the score online. 
  • At the end each ladder round, the rankings are adjusted based on the scores reported, and new opponents are assigned for the next round. 

About the Singles and Doubles Ladder: 

The singles and doubles ladders are mixed-gender until enough players have joined to separate by gender, or create a mixed-doubles ladder, for example. The system considers gender when assigning opponents, but primarily uses the current ranking.

In the initial rounds of the ladder, while accurate ranking is being established by match results, some opponents may find undesirable match pairings. If both parties agree cancel the match online, ranking will not be affected. 

How to Join: 

Sign-up online and you will received match assignments at the start of the next round. Your initial ranking is based on your self-described level of play, and after that by your match results. 

To join the ladder as a doubles team, one player will be designated the 'captain' and will register the other player. The captain is responsible for entering the score online. 

Full Ladder rules can be found here. Rankings will be published and updated on our new Ladder board at the clubhouse, named Jay's Ladder in memory of Jay Friedenson.

Singles Sign-Up

Doubles Sign-Up

Ladder Rules

A new round starts every two weeks, beginning Monday June 13th. Players can join the ladder anytime, and their starting position is based on their self-assessed level of play. After playing in their first round, match results will determine ranking position. 

At the start of each round, ClubLadder will assign opponents for you to challenge to a match. After communicating with your opponent(s), choose a day and a time to play the match. 

Play for the usual court booking period (90 minutes) and either count the games or play the best of three sets. If you run out of court time, the match may result in a tie.

The winning player or captain of the winning team registers the score on the ClubLadder website.

At the end of each round, ClubLadder will determine your new ranking position using the following rules:

  • You will switch positions if you win against someone that is higher on the ladder.

  • You will drop one spot if you cancel a match or if you skip two rounds in a row.

  • Your profile is removed from the ladder if you cancel all your matches two rounds in a row.

  • You will only drop one spot if you lose from a new player, or if you lose from a player that has not lost a single match in previous rounds.

  • If you play two or more matches in a round, the results may contradict each other. For example, you win against #10 but you lose lose against #20. Your next position will be in between your highest win and your lowest loss (#15). If there are 3 or more conflicting match results in the same round, your next position is calculated using all match results. For example, if you win against #10 and #11 and you lose against #20, your next position will be around #13.

Frequently asked questions

+ How are my matches set up?

We look at your last 2 match results to determine your 'ideal' opponent. If you win twice in a row from a lower player, you will get the highest priority to play a higher opponent in the following round. Did you lose the last round? Then you will probably play someone lower. We also make sure you don't play someone that you have played with recently.

+ Can I challenge a player?

Only results of official matches are counted towards your position. Results of other matches that are initiated by players can not be registered. If you want to play more often, you can update your settings to play twice per round of 2 weeks.

+ What if the other player is not responding?

Click on 'My matches' and 'Cancel', then select the other player. The other player drops 1 spot.

+ How do I skip rounds?

Make sure you are logged in, go to settings, click on the pause button and select the rounds you want to skip.

+ What if the other player is on holiday or injured?

You can postpone a match if both players agree by registering the planned match date. Otherwise, register 'cancel match' and select the other player. The other player drops 1 spot.

+ What if a player becomes injured during the match?

You can continue the match at a later date if both players agree. Otherwise, the injured player cancels the match and loses points.

+ What if a player is unable to play on the proposed day?

You can postpone a match if both players agree by registering the planned match date. Otherwise, register 'Canceled' and select the other player, but try to be flexible when finding a common day.

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