Dear prospective member...

Thank you for your interest in The Stowe Tennis Club. We hope the following will give you an idea of what our club is about and inform you regarding the application process.

The Stowe Tennis Club at 1180 Barrows Road was founded as a non-profit organization in 1972. The nine clay tennis courts, swimming pool and clubhouse provide a friendly, social and community-oriented atmosphere. During the open season from May until October, the club offers tennis and swimming lessons, tournaments, social events, and a well-developed junior program.

The Stowe Tennis Club has a Board of Directors consisting of 11 voluntary members who are governed by a set of by-laws. Per the by-laws, there is a limit of 220 member certificates in circulation. Each certificate represents one vote at the annual membership meeting. Certificates are non-transferable and entitle the certificate holder and their family to membership. When a member cases their membership, their certificate is released and can be passed on to an applicant on our waitlist.  When offered to an applicant on our waitlist, the price to purchase the certificate is $2500 of which $1250 is refundable when membership ceases. In addition to the initial purchase of the certificate, members pay annual dues from March 1st through March 31st. Membership dues range in price from $695 for a single individual, $1155 for a couple, and an additional $130 to $290 for children depending on their age. These prices are subject to change.

Certificate-owning members are considered part-owners of the club, are entitled to a vote at any membership meetings, and can serve on a committee and volunteer, including participation in the Spring Clean-up and Fall Close-up days. We expect members to be considerate of others and respectful of the rules as they enjoy the club and the surrounding property.

How to apply: 

Please contact us for an application and return it by mail or email. 

Since all certificates have been issued at this time, your completed application reserves a spot on our waitlist and will be considered when a certificate becomes available. To be considered for membership, three (3) letters of recommendation must be submitted by current members on your behalf. The recommendation form can be found on our website here.

We look forward to hearing from you,

 - The Board of Directors

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